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Regrettable Rides

Unless you happen to be a sloth, shut-in, or sea anemone, you don't stay in the same place all the time. And unless you don't travel far, odds are that you utilize some manner of vehicle, a.k.a. — a ride — to get from point A to point B. Fact of the matter is that some rides are decidedly better than others. Some, frankly, are just plain regrettable. And so that brings us to this feature. The following are actual pictures of actual vehicles that I've seen and photographed, along with commentary on each one. And when I say commentary, I mean mockery.

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Misadventures in Marketing, Part I


Do you have a picture of a regrettable ride that deserves mockery? Send it in and we'll be sure to ridicule it.


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The Man with the Pink Bicycle

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